Daily Announcements

January 15, 2021 School Day 76

Russell County Public Schools will be continue to operate under the 100% remote instructional model from January 11th - 22nd. This decision was made after collaboration with the VDH, leadership from other school divisions in the region, and discussion with our school board members. The increase in the positivity rate in the region, availability of hospital resources, current infection rates, and VDH recommendation were considered.

All students planning on participating in athletics will need to have a VHSL physical on file at Honaker High School. You may pick up a physical form in the main office or print one offline at honakertigers.com

Students will have seven (7) days to complete and return their assignments 2nd six-week through the end of the 6th six-week grading periods.

Starting on November 9th, students/parents will be locked into the 100% remote, hybrid, or face-to-face four (4) days per week model until the end of the six-week grading period. Students will have the ability to change their instructional delivery model at the beginning of each six (6) week grading period. Students will maintain their ability to move to 100% remote at any time, but will not have the ability to move to a higher model of face-to-face instruction until the next grading period. For example, a student may choose the hybrid model and be allowed to move to the 100% remote model if their parents become concerned about the level of transmission in the area. However, a student who starts the grading period in the 100% remote model will not be allowed to transition to the hybrid or 4-day per week models until the start of the next grading period.

Group A Mon. - Tues. (Virtual Wed. -Fri.)

Group B Thurs. - Fri. (Virtual Mon. - Wed.)

Group A/B Mon. - Tues & Thurs. - Fri. (Virtual Wed.)

Remote Virtual Mon. - Fri